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Design and Innovation is our


ARCH Motorcycle was founded on the idea of redefining the American performance cruiser. Today ARCH Motorcycle delivers an unrivalled riding and ownership experience through an obsession for innovative design, engineering excellence and dedication to the rider.

Every ARCH Motorcycle is a bespoke production motorcycle. The stunning ARCH KRGT-1, ARCH 1s and ARCH Method 143 models are delivered via a uniquely collaborative process tailoring livery and ergonomic fit to each owner. What started off as an exploration of what may be possible in the world of motorcycling has quickly evolved into the benchmark for the premium motorcycle category. Welcome to ARCH Motorcycle.

The KRGT-1 is a custom production American performance cruiser. Designed to be ridden aggressively while also being comfortable for long distances. 2020 improvements include design enhancements to the bodywork, updated front suspension and brakes.

Each KRGT-1 is custom tailored to provide personalized ergonomics and curated fit and finishes, making every motorcycle unique to its owner.

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The 1s is the first production single sided swing-arm motorcycle from ARCH. This new model is sport influenced with a more aggressive riding position while still keeping hold of its performance cruiser formulation.

CNC Machined Aluminum and extensive use of Carbon Fiber flow within the lines of this elegant yet race inspired motorcycle. As with all ARCH motorcycles, the 1s can be custom tailored to its owner.

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The Method 143 is the first concept production motorcycle featuring a carbon fiber mono-cell chassis. The unique layering design concept and elegant craftsmanship of the bodywork include fine leather, carbon fiber and artfully programmed CNC machined aluminum.

This progressively designed motorcycle will be limited to only 23 units.

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Simple. Elegant. Efficient.

Design Redefined

The ARCH Motorcycle design and engineering philosophy encapsulated in three words. Our design process is unique in the application of innovative engineering solutions to deliver an unrivalled ride. A quest for clean, simple solutions that maximize the performance potential of the motorcycle results in engineered elegance such as the direct mount shock absorber on the KRGT-1 – removing the need for a linkage and therefore deleting unnecessary components and weight.

The perfection of the ARCH BST carbon wheels work to reduce unsprung mass and improve handling dynamics. Every single aspect of the motorcycle form and function is carefully considered – from how it will cruise, turn and accelerate through to the breathtaking profile and stance at any angle when parked. Every single element of the finished motorcycle speaks to the ARCH philosophy to deliver the ultimate performance cruiser experience.

Precision Engineering


ARCH Motorcycle utilize the latest CNC technology to produce bespoke parts that have been designed for each model in-house. From integral elements of the ARCH Performance Architecture chassis such as the beautifully detailed swingarm through to the stunning billet fuel tanks each element has been designed, developed and then produced by ARCH technicians at our Los Angeles facility.

The development and production extend to the electrical system, with every wiring loom assembled in-house. The exquisitely detailed split fuel tanks are machined from solid billet in an intensive 30-hour process. Ergonomics and aesthetics receive the same incredible attention to detail. Each seat is created for the individual owner finished in high-grade leather. Finally, the team work with each purchaser to create a unique livery and finish for their ARCH motorcycle.

Made in California

Hand Assembled

Every motorcycle is built by a single dedicated technician who takes the machine from bare frame to finished motorcycle. Only in this way are we able to deliver the level of detail, precision, and production quality comparable to the highest level of prototype racing motorcycles.

Every ARCH Motorcycle is hand-assembled at our Los Angeles, California facility with incredible attention to detail and the integration of best in class components. In addition to the hundreds of parts manufactured in-house ARCH Motorcycle also work in partnership with carefully selected brands to create proprietary parts purely for ARCH. These include ARCH / Ohlins suspension, ARCH / S&S V-Twin performance engines, ABS systems, wheels, exhausts and much more.