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ARCH ownership is an experience, a connection which continues long after delivery. The same obsession and attention to detail expressed in ARCH Motorcycle continues with the connection to our owners. With ARCH SUPPORT our owners receive a concierge style, one on one relationship to provide service, support or simply answer questions… from anywhere in the world.

In partnership with the Michelin Guide, ARCH OWNERS’ EVENTS allow us the opportunity to share a passion for riding. Creating community, friendships and memories… bringing together ARCH owners to experience amazing rides, locations and cuisine.

Receive your own personalized

ARCH Owner's Case

After delivery each ARCH KRGT-1 owner receives their personalized OWNERS’ CASE. Designed and manufactured in-house the billet aluminum case opens to reveal details matching their motorcycle. Included is a personalized ID Plate commemorating the date of manufacture, serial number and owners name.

Also included are a Special Tool Kit, Master Key, Upholstered Panel and an Owners’ Book celebrating the design, build and assembly of their ARCH KRGT-1 motorcycle, featuring studio photography.